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Translating Research Findings into Best Practices for Responsible Gaming

Many Internet gambling sites use technology to help players who gamble excessively and might be at risk for the disorder: amount limits, alert messages, self-exclusion programs and easy procedures for closing accounts. To implement and evaluate the effectiveness of such measures, it will be important to identify behavioral markers that may distinguish those with a gambling disorder from all other gamblers. These possible behavioral markers may include placing bets on more days, placing more bets per day and placing larger bets. There are still many challenges in developing this type of system, but behavioral markers may one day allow individuals to avoid problematic gambling behaviors before they begin a game.

Both the online gaming industry and the field of research on the health risks of this form of gambling are in their infancy. It is, therefore, premature to assume that Internet gambling will have deleterious health effects. Sports betting include everyday sports such as football and cricket, but also other events such as financial results, outcomes of political elections, or even results of reality TV contests. Corporate bookmakers can offer opportunities to bet on the outcomes of Victorian, interstate and overseas events.